Asia-Pacific Museums and Heritage

This research theme aims to foster academic debate and establish research networks centred on discussing the social, historical and aesthetic contexts of museum and heritage projects taking place across the Asia-Pacific region. Research is focused (though not limited to) the following sub-themes:

  1. Unpacking Museological Models: Exploring localised structures of museums and heritage and the philosophical ideas that underpin cultural institutions.
  2. Localities: How are ideas of cultural difference and diversity represented in museums and heritage institutions?
  3. Exhibition Narratives: What curatorial practices and techniques distinguish Asia-Pacific and what are the aesthetics of display?
Major project in Asia-Pacific Museums and Heritage

Chief Investigators: Dr Graeme Were and Professor Ian Lilley

Australia Awards Fellowship: Enhancing the effectiveness of Vietnam's museum and heritage institutions, 2015

This Australian Awards Fellowship identifies and trains future leaders in the cultural sector, providing the skills and knowledge to better govern, develop, and implement policies and practices for the long-term sustainability of Vietnam’s cultural heritage. The Fellowship delivers a two-week professional development program at the University of Queensland. Our approach combines theoretical and practical content with a high proportion of learning through site visits and practical exercises. This project sets out crucial aspects of policy development, implementation, governance, leadership, diversity and entrepreneurship that will help build capacity in Vietnam’s museum sector.